About Sheryl

Sheryl Barabba, artist, beneath dock

For as long as I can remember, drawing, painting, color and design have been important to me. The seed of artistic ambition was planted in childhood and nurtured by the encouragement of teachers, family and friends. Demands of family have at times interrupted the process of marketing my art, but I have always expressed myself creatively wherever I happened to be.

I don’t have a favorite color or technique. There is a way for almost any color or style to work depending on the subject or mood a painting requires. Like most artists, I am drawn to certain color combinations and shapes. A willingness to try new things has served me well through a lifetime of painting and exploring different mediums and avenues to self-expression leading eventually to oil on canvas as my favored medium.

Moving to Santa Cruz and acquiring my current studio has led to participating in Open Studios, Santa Cruz, as well as entering my work in exhibits and now a website.

Selling my paintings here has opened a door to discussions with interested and interesting people.